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What Are The Benefits Of Having Multi-Gym Equipment At Corporate?

Maintaining a work-life balance can be exhausting. Statistics suggest that around 60% of U.S employees feel that their work-life balance is absolutely out of control. Many people are finding it challenging to give time to their selves. So what does it mean by work-life balance?

Ideally, it is explained as the balance between work and non-work activities. These ‘non-work’ are supposed to nourish us as individuals. But, currently, these boundaries are very murky, especially since the pandemic. We cannot ignore that having a well work-life balance is essential for inner peace. Therefore we should find ways to attain it. 

It’s the era of workaholics. These people face burnout, fatigue, stress-related health issues, and difficulty practicing self-care. How do we maintain a healthy work-life balance? There’s no one prescription for everyone, so it’s up to you to decide what fits your time frame best. However, to start somewhere, we suggest you focus on your fitness first. Exercising at least 4-5 times a week will help you find some harmony in your life. It will not get you your absolute serenity but will help free your mind and shed some calories. 

These days employers have realized that their employees need a work-life balance. Therefore to extract the best performances, they try to offer something beneficial to their employees.

Here’s Why The Corporate Sector Is Adding Gyms To Their Office Spaces:

The corporate sector has realized that fitness is a vital part of their employees’ well-being. A long day spent in front of the computer, staring at the screen for long hours with barely any body movement, is nothing but an invitation to sicknesses. The stress of ongoing work leads to frustration, which lowers productivity. Given the problems employees may develop due to lack of exercise, corporations are now providing gyms in their offices to take care of their employees. These are a few of the many issues they are trying to combat. Therefore, offices are now getting equipped with shiny and functional gyms. Especially service providers like Focus Fitness assist many corporate firms in healthifying their environment. It focuses on designing the gym area for the office and providing suitable equipment. 

Benefits Of Having A Gym In Your Office:

Let’s look at the benefits of having a gym in the office: 

  • Employees can easily make time for exercising now that they have easy access to a well-equipped gym. Therefore, it becomes convenient for them to keep their health in check.
  • It leads to improved morale among employees. They have better zeal to work and have fresh ideas. 
  • Researches suggest that there can be a significant decrease in sick leaves and absenteeism.
  • These kinds of perks improve a company’s recruitment rate and retain its existing employees. 
  • A healthy employee will work better and give an enhanced performance.
  • It is an affordable perk compared to giving your employees a gym membership. Having a gym made on your office premises will cost less than providing each employee with specific gym memberships.

Here’s a little advice for offices wanting to build a gym. Invest in Multi gym equipment. Bodybuilders initially used multigyms, but since then, they received widespread popularity among the masses, and more people have started purchasing them even for their homes.

Benefits Of Multi-Gym Equipment At Corporate:

Multi-function machines streamline gym routines and reduce the need for other gym equipment, saving you time and money.

Diverse Workout Routines

You can perform various types of exercises and training with these multi-functional machines. These machines enable you to train your muscles, chest, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, and even legs. They are well armed with ullets, weights, and chin up to assist your entire workout. Hence if an office gym is equipped with this, they will not have to invest in other machines. Besides that, it is space-efficient too.

Ideal For Office Use

Multi gyms are good because they are compact and won’t take up much space. They are ideally designed to fit in any small corner. Therefore it is suitable for small offices too. As an employer, you can purchase two of these machines and two to three other commercial equipment, and your gym will be all set.

No Need For Professional Help

Multi gym equipment is entirely safe to use; still, hiring a trained staff will ensure more safety. These sets are self-explanatory and easy to use. Usually, dumbbells, barbells, and other weights can injure you, but the weights installed in these machines reduce those injury chances. These are controlled weights and ensure more stability.

Built To Last A Lifetime

Durability is the unique selling point of these multi gyms. They help keep your body healthy and comply with your company’s budget. These machined do not need much maintenance; however, it is good to get them cleaned from time to time.

We understand and completely agree that building a gym is not an easy task. Here’s a great idea to simplify your job!

As we have mentioned earlier, Focus Fitness is here to the rescue. Tit specializes in designing gyms and fitness studios. Focus Fitness is your one-stop location for any gym-related query. It offers customized fitness center management solutions for corporations and real estate developers through various services. You can get a detailed consultation and assistance with gym setup. In addition, you will be getting professional and certified trainers.

Furthermore, Focus Fitness will help you lease the equipment as per convenience. It offers to arrange group fitness classes and motivational & awareness fitness workshops. To add, it also equips you with any medical assistance required. Lastly, you will be able to opt for newsletters and internal events related to the same on the official website.

It is very effortless to contact the official team of Focus Fitness. You can use any medium, contact via call, email, or submit a form and receive an adequate response.
Focus Fitness believes that Employee engagement & retention are two of the most critical aspects of human resources initiatives. Therefore, choosing Focus Fitness for planning your corporate fitness arena will be beneficial to your organization and your employees.

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What Is The Benefit Of Commercial Gym Equipments?

Are you planning on launching a gym business in India? 

Do you wake up every day and feel like you can motivate people. Do you think you can help them achieve optimum health and well-being levels? If this challenge inspires you, you have stumbled upon the perfect article. The fitness market is shooting right now. The recent virus outbreak has encouraged everyone to focus on their well-being. Many trainers take the online route to help their clients stay healthy. Many online workout classes sprouted when gyms were closed and no outdoor resource fitness was available. However, now that things have finally started to open up, there is a strong possibility that fitness studios and gyms will be at the peak of public demand.

If you are one of them who wants to utilize this opportunity, you need to establish a strong market presence. Having a gym of your own needs a lot of planning. For example, gym design, commercial equipment, and trainers. Before we get into the core of this article, we need to discuss the background. Apart from planning and financing your venture, it would help if you keep certain things in mind. Here’s a list of things that will help you in making the blueprint of the new gym:

  • Prepare a budget and a business plan
  • Lease or buy a strategic location to set up your gym.
  • Attract and hire trained staff
  • Market it well
  • Invest in premium Fitness equipment

As we mentioned in our last point, invest in suitable quality types of equipment. Let us paint a picture for you. Since Covid-19 became a part of our lives, there has been a massive turnover of people wanting to get healthier. Even if you are a gym owner already and have a fully functioning gym, it is still essential to upgrade your equipment game.

What Is Commercial Gym Equipment?

Typically, commercial fitness equipment can be found at local gyms. Due to the heavy use of gym equipment, commercial fitness equipment is more durable every day. These pieces of equipment are also designed for a longer usage time. Often a local gym will opt for used fitness equipment because it’s cheaper than new equipment. Commercial gym equipment has a long list of features and characteristics that provide you with correct details.

Commercial Gym Equipment Features

Here is the features part:

Great Structural Integrity

Commercial equipment is built for handling a massive volume of usage. These pieces are manufactured with high-quality material, which is to last. These machines will give you smooth services for years. Unlike home gym equipment that can only hold 200 pounds, this commercial gym equipment is made with high quality that it can withstand 400 pounds.

Premium Bio-Mechanics

Compared to smaller and lighter home gym equipment, commercial gym equipment is manufactured with a more detailed analysis and a comprehensive approach. You will be shocked to see all the over-hyped equipment floating around in the market. Although there are a few unnecessary commercial gym equipment pieces, in contrast to most of the others are super helpful—for example, multi-gym sets. 

Equipped With The Latest Tech

These commercial machines are jacked up with exciting technology! They have all the possible features that you can think of. They are armed with statistical feedback and programming. Commercial use gym equipment comes with a heart rate evaluator, calorie counter, and informative stats. There are not many interactive technology features included with residential fitness equipment, so you might not be able to maximize your workout.

Get More Comfort

An average human will strive its best to achieve a comfortable life. In the end, comfort matters the most. All work we do is to make somehow feel comfortable. Therefore, why not choose comfort for our workouts too. Not saying you should quit workouts if you are not satisfied. Instead, how about making workouts comfortable. Commercial gym equipment makes your workouts comfortable. They provide you with a smoother hassle-free experience. 

Cost Beneficial 

Commercial equipment is expensive, but it provides you with many features. They are so much more durable that you will be able to redeem the price you paid in a few years. The package this equipment offers you is remarkable. Hence the price you pay is not disappointing. 

We hope we have established how practical and convenient these commercial equipment are. We must also talk about how this equipment can help you and your gym. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Commercial Gym Equipment:

Let’s get into further details:

Higher Customer Attraction: 

New customers will join your gym once you start to market these high-end gym types of equipment as your USP. It will act as a nitro headstart for new gym owners for their business. It would help to promote quality pictures of your gym, and social media will handle the rest.

Have The Edge Over Your Competition 

Be it a new gym or an old one, having premium Fitness equipment will always give you an advantage over your competitors. Besides that, everything is opening up after a very long time. It is, therefore, crucial to upgrade your gym’s exercise equipment and have a competitive edge.

Increase Your Brand Equity 

Fitness business owners need to reinvest in equipment and upgrade their facilities constantly. You show your commitment to better workouts by introducing new fitness machines. In addition, 2022 is expected to bring high safety standards. Therefore, replacing your ancient machines with new shiny ones will create a carefree mindset in your customer’s mind. Nonetheless, by buying new equipment, you will minimize the repair costs too.

It is entirely at your discretion to upgrade or not. However, if you decide to upgrade and are wondering about finding a good vendor, we have covered you. So, to simplify your task, we present you with Focus Fitness. Focus Fitness is a leading provider for the premium fitness and wellness market. It commits to providing the best class products and services related to fitness. To fulfil all your commercial gym equipment-related needs, Focus Fitness has partnered with top fitness manufacturers like Marpo, HOIST, Freemotion, and Realryder. All these brands are the best in producing quality gym equipment. Focus fitness will also provide trained personnel for maintaining and servicing the equipment in concern. The best part is that you will receive servicing and maintenance. The types include treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and more! In addition to that, Focus Fitness will also assist you in assembling the equipment and offer preventative care. Besides, it provides real help in designing a fitness area, be it a gym or a studio. Focus Fitness covers all your grounds and assists your goal of providing a healthier lifestyle to others.

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How Can You Start A Commercial Fitness Center

These days, people have been making active choices to remain healthy. They indulge in eating healthy meals and working out to their best capabilities. The heath & fitness industry has been booming since this change in mindset. People have now joined gyms to keep up with their bodies and remain fit. There are three types of gyms: commercial, box, or Boutique gyms. The members do commercial fitness routines as they wish since they already have experience. Box gyms are a new type of invention in which the members have a signed up membership and come to the gym to follow a pre-planned workout planned by the trainer. The boutique gym is the most personalized among the rest two. A customer or client who needs help or assistance in their workouts from professionals favour this kind of gym. 

Commercial gyms are the most common type of fitness center that people prefer. In this article, we will guide you through some of the steps on how you can start a commercial fitness center. 

Steps Needed To Start A Commercial Fitness Centre

Being the owner of a gym can be your dream, but before investing in it, you should keep the below mentioned 8 points. These points could help you succeed in making your dream come true. 

Location Of The Gym 

Location is an important factor when starting a commercial center. It would be best to analyze where you want to set up your gym. A person joins a gym if the gym is in a resident or commercial space. You, the gym owner, should check for features such as parking and public transport facilities. If the gym is located where the public is uncomfortable, the business is directly affected. The gym owner should keep in mind the surroundings while starting a gym. 

All Needed Licences 

If you plan to open a gym, you should have valid licenses concerning the gym. If your gym contains amenities like swimming pools, a spa, a steam room, and a locker room, all of these require a legal permit. You also need other licenses such as building permits, tax procedures, etc. 

Gym Planning 

Plan your entire process of how you are going to build your gym. When you are trying to set up a gym, you should be aware of all the gym membership rates, know what equipment is necessary, and how much they cost. Furthermore, you should know about other important activities you could add to make your gym attractive. If you plan on going to a bank or an investor for funding your gym, you should be able to tell them your plans on how well you could manage the money. You also need to figure out what services and type of gym you would create. 

The Hiring Of The Required Staff 

Even though the owner needs to know every gym service, hiring professionals is reliable. Hiring professional staff such as trainers help in different manners. They have years of experience and help spread the word regarding your gym. Having a trainer also polishes and adds more authenticity to your gym. 

Getting The Equipment 

It is a significant and non-forgettable factor while building a gym. Acquiring the best equipment should be your top priority. Pieces of equipment are the primary reasons a person is attracted to the gym. Nowadays, you are given the option of renting/leasing equipment. Buying expensive equipment is not required anymore. They can increase with the number of services you provide. If you plan on setting up the usual & ordinary gym step, the equipment could cost you at least 3 Lakhs. 

Funding The Gym 

You can find the funds to start your gym via banks or investors, or a close one. If you are getting your funds from a close one, you don’t have much to worry about. While if you are applying to a bank or an investor, you need to make them believe in your plans. You should be thoroughly ready with your schedule to receive the funds. A bank or an investor will only provide you with funds if you successfully show them your gym’s potential. Having a sound financial plan only strengthens your gym’s future. 


All of the above features won’t be fruitful if the possible member is uncomfortable. Try making the membership fees reasonable and attractive enough for the client to take an interest. Providing them with the right equipment and extra benefits is a bonus. If the client is satisfied with your service, it only improves your business and promises future growth. Aside from only having the standard gym equipment, other activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardio workouts, etc., also have the potential to attract more clients.  

Marketing And Promotion

There is constant competition amongst the gyms. You need to market and promote your gym correctly to gain the attention that makes you happy. You can sell using networks such as pamphlets, social media or even word of mouth. Word of mouth is a good option since a happy client spreads the good word about your services. You can promote your gym through merchandise. You could also put occasional discounted offers and packages that could attract more audiences. 

The commercial gym is a very common option opted for by the clients. If you follow through with the points mentioned above, you can have a very successful business. If you need to lease or rent any equipment, you can check Focus Fitness. They help several cooperatives by leasing them quality equipment because they understand the significant investment in purchasing them. Focus Fitness has reasonable and comfortable packages or deals for you. Once completed with the gym part, you can check out the official website of Focus Fitness for equipment maintenance and management services alike.

Gym Equipments Dealer in India

Best Corporate Gym Equipments Dealer in India

Setting up a personal gym at your place or going for a full-fledged functional gym for a commercial purpose requires equipment that is well suited for strenuous exercises. It can be challenging to choose the best deal for gym equipment around the country. While one might proclaim to fulfil a particular criterion, another might fall short in the case of some other requirement. Thus, zeroing down on the best deal for gym equipment is a task that cannot be done without thorough research. 

Focus Fitness is one of the best brands to begin with for purchasing high-quality equipment for your gym. The brand outlets and the dedicated website are full of products all suited to fit the needs of gym proprietors. Quality is an essential factor you must consider before investing in a company that deals in fitness equipment. However, Focus Fitness is a name that has been trusted by several clients and thus, you can surely place your bets on it. Mentioned below are the reasons why you can go for Focus Fitness to purchase the necessary equipment and get your gym to start functioning within days:

Top Advisors And Floor Guides To Let You Make The Right Estimate

One of the topmost concerns before making such a purchase is estimating the gym’s floorplan and its area. Advisors and area guides at Focus Fitness help the clients make the right decision by figuring out the best pieces of equipment to suit the floor plan of concern. Purchasing gym equipment in India becomes accessible with Focus Fitness as this special assistance from the brand’s side helps a lot in cutting down unnecessary costs. 

Equipment Guides And Details

As an investor, you surely would not be willing to invest in gym equipment without knowing its exact requirement or if not having it would make any difference. It is where the utility of equipment guides comes in. These are essentially digital and physical brochures that contain information on each piece and its importance in the world of fitness. These brochures make it clear for decision-makers to make informed decisions and purchase what would be helpful. Focus Fitness has always made it a point to deliver the best-in-class experience regarding gym technology brands prevalent across the globe. Thus, with these brochures, you can make a list of the pieces of equipment you would be required to fill your gym with. These are different concerning whether it is a home gym or a commercial fitness centre.

Affordable Long-Term Investments

Buying gym equipment is not just a short purchase but often a list of payment instalments you get to look after. One would prefer to go for low fees since that is a very likely choice. With Focus Fitness, this becomes a seamless process. Equipment pieces of this brand are all priced reasonably with amazing deals on EMI and instalment payments. Further, if it is a company or workplace gym you are purchasing for, Focus Fitness offers the option to lease wellness equipment after fulfilling the necessary formalities. Leasing equipment or taking them based on a rental plan gives customers enough liberty to go easy on their savings and finances.

Provision Of Trained Caretakers

While leasing equipment is one of the many features of Focus Fitness as a fitness and wellness brand, it also provides trained caretakers for commercial and workplace gyms. These caretakers are specially trained to take care of the complicated equipment and provide for its maintenance in case things go wrong. It includes regular polishing of the equipment’s touch parts, repairing and mending the machines, regular cleaning of the equipment using proper sanitising liquid and wipes, and instant brand support in case a significant failure occurs. Thus, Focus Fitness is easily one of the most profitable brands to invest in for the best gym equipment in India.

Quality And Integrity

Focus Fitness is one of the best and most trusted brands for different types of equipment related to fitness and wellness. You must avoid purchasing fitness equipment at cut-cheap prices, for these are often where quality is tampered with. A compromise on quality or the durability of these machines can often lead to severe failures, which can even turn out fatal. Focus Fitness offers a range of budget-friendly bikes, weights and power racks. Each piece of equipment sold by this brand is tried and tested on humans and only put on sale after passing the necessary safety tests. Every piece is built to keep the brand’s standards as high as possible. It is because these pieces of equipment will be used every day, over and over. Hence, a fitness brand must maintain the best quality, which resists wear and tear. With Focus Fitness, this becomes relatively easy with the best equipment in the country that matches global standards.

Online Training Videos And Sessions

You will not find this with every global fitness brand out there. Focus Fitness is not just a commercial brand for wellness, but it also takes care of the learners and newcomers in the world of fitness. The brand’s website is filled with detailed and interactive videos on fitness sessions and even ones that teach the handling of the various pieces of gym equipment. Exceptional trainers manage these sessions, and talented trainees make working out an easy and body-friendly job. These videos also come in handy for staying updated about the latest releases on Focus Fitness and their relevant benefits.

The reasons and features of Focus Fitness mentioned above are barely a few of a whole wide range of what the brand has to offer to its customers. Customers are entitled to around-the-day support from professional support and a query redressal team managed by the brand itself. This team can be reached through emails, phone calls and even through their query redressal page present on the brand website. Focus Fitness has an array of different types of equipment, all of which have been designed with a particular purpose. Products of this brand have been held in high esteem by its clients, and all have submitted reviews that essentially hold the brand name in high regard. You can go for this brand to adorn your gym the exact way you desire.