Gyms Reopen From August 5th, 2020

The gyms are reopening! COVID-19 may have put the breaks on the industry, but it certainly hasn’t stopped us. We support and stand by our partners as they reopen their facility. If we can help in any way during the reopening of your facility, don’t hesitate to contact us at #MOREPOWER

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Focus Fitness is proud to be associated with IndiaActive Association

Focus Fitness is proud to be associated with IndiaActive Association. Together we will strengthen and help the fitness industry to put a united front. IndiaActive and its members will work towards the benefits of the fitness industry. Let’s all unite to reestablish the hopes for the fitness industry.

The association is working towards the immediate and long term problems of the fitness industry.

Join IndiaActive Facebook group to know about the SOP for fitness centers, share your views, and help the community.


#Stay Safe #Stay Healthy # Stay Active #Service Update

Dear Friends,

As our country and the world at large gets in the grip of this deadly COVID-19 pandemic, we are all affected by this situation as a society, nation and mankind at large.

The government, our medical brethren, law enforcement agencies and social service organisations at large are all working in a collective sense towards reducing the impact of this pandemic and taking care of normal public and the needy people in our country. It’s a time for selfless unity & collective effort so that we can all overcome this tragedy safely and with a greater sense of purpose for the future.

Our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We wish everyone who is affected by this a speedy recovery and request everyone to stay indoors and stay safe as has been exhorted by our Prime Minister.

During this period of enforced lockdown, when most of the commercial gyms and other fitness & training facilities are not operating, we understand the difficulties faced by our customers to keep the ship steady. We are also facing lot of difficulties as an organisation during this period but as a social responsibility, we feel that we should stand in solidarity with our customers. We feel that in our own way, the best we can provide is to place a moratorium during this period of lockdown on our warranties, AMC’s and ASC’s for all customers. Focus Fitness will be providing an extension on all our warranties and maintenance contracts for a period of 30 days from their current validity period for all products. Please feel free to get in touch with our Technical Heads of the respective regions in case you need any clarifications in this regard.

We are very worried for the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and their patrons & wish everyone safety and good health. Our representatives are working from home and will be available for any assistance & clarifications on their phones and emails.

Let’s look back at this difficult situation we find ourselves in, and become the people we know deep down we are truly capable of becoming. Let’s use this time to sculpt our souls, tap into our greatest potential, face our fears, and exemplify the examples that we have been waiting for others to be for us.

When the world moves past this painful point in time, let’s have become better able to say we made a great impact.
Moment by moment, situation by situation, starting right here and right now- we get to build a positive narrative, TOGETHER…

The Management Team
Focus Fitness


Featured Install at HOUR Fitness, Kakinada, India.

Featured Install at HOUR Fitness, Kakinada, India. Powered by Freemotion Fitness Reflex Treadmills, HOIST Fitness RoC-IT Plate Loaded Strength Equipment & EnergyFit Ski-Row.

The Fit Expo 2019, Science City, Kolkata

Snapshots from The Fit Expo 2019, Science City, Kolkata. Latest range of Freemotion Fitness & HOIST Fitness equipment from our FocusFitness booth.

Featured install at Jetz Fitness, Bengaluru

New featured install at Jetz Fitness, Bengaluru with Ion Fitness, Freemotion, Hoist & EnergyFit Ski-Row Equipment by FocusFitness.

First time in Bangalore, Hoist fitness Motion Cage 5 installation was done by FocusFitness.

Freemotion Fitness Product Training

Freemotion Fitness Product Training. Special Thanks to Gero and Andrew for the interaction.

New featured install at R360 Gym, Thane, Mumbai

New featured install at R360 Gym, Thane, Mumbai with Freemotion Fitness REFLEX™ Treadmills & Ellipticals, EnergyFit Ski-Row & VIVA Fitness Equipment by FocusFitness.

Grand Opening of HEADQUARTER – Fitness Arena in Delhi NCR

Focus Fitness proudly partners with “HEADQUARTER – Fitness Arena” powered by FreeMotion & HOIST Fitness equipment. Grand Opening on Feb 23rd 2018. Wishing Team “HEADQUARTER – Fitness Arena” all success for this state of the art venture offering best in class fitness experience in Delhi NCR!!!

Snapshots from the inauguration: