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Leasing Services

At Focus Fitness, we understand that investment in fitness & wellness equipment is not critical to major corporations and hence, sometimes they compromise on having a fitness centre for the employees or the quality of the same. We support major corporations by providing quality fitness equipment at a reasonable leasing package, which ensures that all corporations will have the best fitness facilities with minimal capital expenditure. We have several models to optimally suit corporations according to the size of the facility, users and budgets.

Why a leased facility within a corporate:

  • No capital cost – Focus Fitness put in the up front investment in return for a nominal monthly rental.
  • Tax benefits – Lease rentals are fully deductible revenue expenditure.
  • No obsolescence costs – Focus Fitness keeps upgrading equipment with change in technology.
  • No maintenance hassles – Repairs, maintenance, training, management – we take care of all of the above.
  • Fit employees – improved motivation, productivity & profitability. Reduced attrition.

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